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WordCraft Sweden is a professional translation agency, based in Sweden. Our team specialize in Swedish, English and Spanish. Our translators always work in their native language and in the language they use on daily basis for most accurate result. WordCraft Sweden also offers an excellent proofreading service to help you ensure that your translations are correct and error-free. We can help you with your subtitles in Swedish, English, Spanish or German. Don’t hesitate to contact us, Welcome to WordCraft Sweden!



WordCraft Sweden can offer translations to and from Swedish (Sweden, Finland) – English (UK, USA) – Spanish (Spain, Latin America) – German



Our proofreaders ensure your texts are carefully reviewed and corrected. We offer a fresh pair of eyes to find and correct anything that could prevent your translation from reaching its full potential.


Website Creation

Creation, translation, proof or localisation of website content. In Swedish, English, Finnish, Spanish or German.



We are specialists in marketing texts. Reach your client with localized content for the target market. We can take care of the press on your behalf, create or improve your press releases.

Eva Karlsson

Eva Karlsson

Founder and CEO at WordCraft Sweden AB.

After 15 years in Spain and a BA/Hons in Journalism from Malaga, she moved back to her hometown in Sweden. With her great experience in languages, WordCraft Sweden is now working with all sorts of content in translations, subtitles and marketing materials.

Eva started informationskonsulten.se in 2013 and now WordCraft Sweden is growing to be a creative company in these fields.


Our first core value is Creativity that goes hand in hand with the passion that truly defines our company. We believe that translating texts require a true understanding of the source text meaning and Creativity in finding the correct words to build the perfect translation. We specialize in marketing and commercial texts and translations.


Our team always strive to provide an excellent service to our customers. Regardless if you need translated documents or subtitles, content writing or assist with marketing materials we are dedicated to meet your wishes, requirements and deliver on time!


We know that good service is not only about writing the best text but also to be available at times when there are tight deadlines to meet. Our team offer a great flexibility and availability to cover your needs best possible.


Our team has great experience of translating content from languages such as English, Spanish and Swedish. Additionally our team have backgrounds within areas such as journalism, content writing, marketing and SEO that allows for an expertise and know-how of well written texts which is a great asset when translating or proof writing your content.


We are committed to always deliver top quality in the service we provide to our customers. We understand the importance of correct communication and we pride ourselves on that fact that we always provide human translations. We do not use any automatized applications but instead our team utilizes great technology and tools to ensure we maintain the quality of presentation through our personal translations. We believe this results in loyal and happy customers.


Boksläpp: Isolerad i Paradiset

Besök gärna sidan www.isoleradiparadiset.se för att läsa om och köpa boken Isolerad i Paradiset, skriven av Eva Karlsson, VD och ägare av WordCraft Sweden.